BISE Results Automation Project

NIFT has been awarded the contract of providing services for supplying, printing, scanning, OMR, OCR/ICR of Bubble sheets and software solution for the processing of data and compilation of results of all '8' Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Punjab on turnkey basis.

The project was initiated under PPRA rules in January this year and after tough competition among three bidders, NIFT was the successful firm and got the order of printing 8 million Bubble Sheets, scanning the sheets after assessment for 1.2 million students of all '8' BISEs and finally compiling results of Intermediate examination. The project continued and NIFT was entrusted to compile results of Intermediate as well as Matriculation for 2013 as well as 2014. Over 9 million students have been processed for compilation of results by NIFT since 2014.

The project started in the month of April 2012 when NIFT completed the Printing and Dispatching of Cover (Bubble) Sheets through its high speed Kodak Versa mark 3000 Printer. The sheets were printed on 100 gm. paper made from virgin pulp.

NIFT established project execution sites at each of the 9 BISE offices. These scanning sites were fully equipped with state-of-the-art high speed Fujitsu scanners, workstations, network switches, high end servers, furniture, air-conditioning etc.

For software solution, NIFT has partnered with Public Consulting Group (PCG), USA who has a vast experience in providing software solutions based on OMR, OCR/ICR technology. PCG provides management consulting and technology to help public education, health, human services, and other government clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need. PCG was founded in 1986 as a privately held consulting firm serving state and local health and human services programs. It has nearly 950 professionals in 39 offices around the U.S., Canada, and Poland.

The overall scanning procedure involved receiving of roll number part of cover sheets subject-wise or examination centre-wise scanning of roll number sheets through high speed scanners, capturing the data from electronic images through PCG Assessment Tool that captures the barcode for tracking the Award part and OMR/OCR/ICR data from each bubble and handwritten portion. Validation of fetched data through already populated enrollment data from the system at the backend. Exception handling by the quality assurance team at each site that repair the data that was either not properly filled by students or not validated by the system.

After the scanning and assessment of roll number part, NIFT started scanning and assessment of award part of cover sheets of students' answer book where students have bubbled MCQ answers and teachers have bubbled the awarded numbers of open answers. By the same method, these sheets were processed through PCG Assessment Tool and quality checking performed on the exceptions.

Final phase of the project was Results Compilation. For compiling the results, NIFT has gathered Attendance, Old Posting and Practicals data from boards. This data helped in compiling the correct results and reports required by the boards.

It was a challenging task to gather all the required information from all 9 BISEs and forwarding this information after quality checking to PCG team for uploading into the system. Also, NIFT had to get PCG completely synched with the activities, progress, time to time requirements and deadlines of the project at each site. PCG has provided full remote support to each site and the NIFT project execution team.

NIFT has provided several reports including Top 40, Gazette Report, Result Sheet, Result Notification and Result Database Extract to the Boards that were the basic Project deliverables.