CEO’s Message

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in NIFT

We are privileged to be catalyst in the modernization of Payment Systems in Pakistan. This process started with the implementation of first Automated Clearing House (ACH) in Karachi in 1996. We have traveled a long way since then. We have now established ACH centres in 28 major cities from where ACH services are being extended to over 273 towns and cities. We have introduced new concepts exploiting latest technologies for electronic clearing bringing faster credits for the benefit of banking industry and its customers.

We have set up first Certificate Authority / Public Key Infrastructure to facilitate e-Commerce, e-banking, e-government and e-business in Pakistan. We are facilitating Federal Board of Revenue and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan for e-filing of tax and other returns by tax payers and corporates respectively. Large corporations, insurance companies, Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges and banks are exploiting our Public Key Infrastructure to authenticate and secure their electronic communication and transactions. NIFT has carried out Network Penetration Testing for number of important and sensitive institutions in Pakistan.

Our Enterprise Content Management Services (ECMS) are being exploited by banks and large corporations. We have to our credit completion of one of the largest Image Archiving project where we processed over 65 million images which enabled NADRA to set up the citizen data base in the country. The largest oil refinery, two large cellular companies and largest insurance company of Pakistan have exploited our ECMS facilitation for the image archiving and document management systems.

We are helping major utility companies (with an aggregate of over 13 million payments per month) in improving their cash flows by providing them utility payment processing services.

Punjab Government has reposed trust in us by giving us the task of automated processing of all Secondary School and Higher Secondary Schools Examinations of entire Province; over 4.0 million students are assessed by NIFT. Punjab Government has also awarded the task of computerization of Land Records for 8 Districts of Northern Punjab; over 17 million Land Records are being brought on the automated system through MIS System. Similarly NIFT was privileged to produce Electoral Rolls for the General Elections of Pakistan conducted in 2013 and is currently involved in production of Electoral Rolls for Local Bodies Elections.

We have been able to achieve all this because of the trust reposed in us by the financial industry, large corporations and Provincial and Federal Government of Pakistan.

Our products and services bring immediate and direct benefit in terms of streamlining systems, saving costs and improving cash flows at our customer base. We focus not only on providing benefits to our customers but also to our customer’s customer. Our experience in business process re-engineering and our products and services have helped our customers in introducing new and exciting products which bring direct benefit to their customers. We have been adding new projects every year in our portfolio of services to extend our reach to our customers and their customers for mutual benefit. At NIFT, it is an ongoing effort to help modernize the systems to bring efficiency and continued cost effectiveness in our customer’s operations. This concept is our defining and guiding principle. In everything we do, in every manner we operate and every service we offer, our objective is to provide immediate benefit to our customers and their customers.

This is how we have earned the trust of every one of the 38 banks and 9000 bank branches in 273 cities, major utility companies, cellular companies, insurance companies and government organizations in Pakistan. You have my assurance that we will continue to work hard to maintain your trust by employing exceptional business solutions and services with ethics of highest standards.

We offer relationships you can rely upon to ensure your operational success both today and into the future.