EOBI Digitization and Archival Project

EOBI intended to acquire a digitization and ongoing archival service for its important documents related to core business like pensioner's files, employer files and support business like HR, Finance and General Administration files.

In this regard, EOBI opened a Tender in 2011. NIFT participated in the project and won by having highest points in technical and financial solution. NIFT has got the work order and an agreement has been signed with EOBI.

The project includes scanning and indexing of 4.5 million pages of employer and employer files of EOBI that are distributed in 37 regions and 32 field offices. NIFT has to provide customized front-end of OpenKM (Document Management System) to EOBI for online document retrieval.

The project has been started from 1st of July, 2012. NIFT has carried out 20% of the scanning part of the project that has to be executed at 16 NIFT centres.