Visit of Dy. Governor, State Bank of Pakistan
Annual Lunch Islamabad-April 2014 Image4
Annual Lunch Islamabad-April 2014 Image3
Annual Lunch Islamabad-April 2014 Image2
Annual Lunch Islamabad-April 2014 Image1
Annual Lunch Islamabad-April 2014
NIFT Premier League Islamabad-2014 Image4
NIFT Premier League Islamabad-2014 Image3
NIFT Premier League Islamabad-2014 Image2
NIFT Premier League Islamabad-2014 Image1
NIFT Premier League Islamabad-2014
NIFT Partners with Nextenders (April 2014) Image1
NIFT Partners with Nextenders (April 2014)
CM and Senior DCM Image4
CM and Senior DCM Image3
CM and Senior DCM Image2
CM and Senior DCM Image1
CM and Senior DCM visit NIFT Peshawar
The Day Image5
The Day Image4
The Day Image3
The Day Image2
The Day Image1
Exhibition 2012 image6
Exhibition 2012 image5
Exhibition 2012 image4
Exhibition 2012 image3
NPL-2012 Image6
NPL-2012 Image5
NPL-2012 Image4
NPL-2012 Image3
Rawalpindi Center-April 2014 Image4
Rawalpindi Center-April 2014 Image3
Rawalpindi Center-April 2014 Image2
Rawalpindi Center-April 2014 Iamge1
Rawalpindi Center-April 2014
Exhibition 2012 image 2
NPL-2012 image2
The Day We
PITB IT Exhibition 2012