NADRA Electoral Rolls Project

NIFT specializes in customized service that allows its clients to outsource their printing problems, converting their digital data into required paper medium. NIFT's specialized solution is unique system in Pakistan that facilitates its clients to get any type/format of data printed in shortest time span.

NIFT established its 'enterprise printing purpose-built facility' in the year 2008 for bulk printing in secured environment under one roof. For this purpose, a high speed digital colour printing press from Kodak has been installed. NIFT's printing solution can work non-stop and can produce up to 21 million pages monthly.

NIFT has successfully completed the printing projects for various banks and other private organizations. Some of them are Allied Bank Limited, Askari Bank Limited, Dawood Islamic Bank, Deutche Bank, Faysal Bank, First Women Bank, Habib Bank Limited & My Bank. NIFT has provided data processing, printing, packaging & dispatching services of banks' statement of accounts (generated half-yearly), customer satisfactory survey forms, customer letters, utility bills and training handouts.

In 2011, NADRA and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) have collaborated with an objective to update the existing and prepare the latest Electoral Roll in order to streamline the voter's data based on smallest geographical parameter i.e. Census Block Code. A country wide house hold survey was conducted to perform mapping of citizen data with Census Block Code.

ECP then contracted with NADRA for matching, cleansing and augmenting its Computerized Electoral Roll System in line with the National Citizen Database. This entire exercise produced all eligible voters living in the country or overseas and eliminated bogus/duplicate entries or citizens who are dead.

Since NADRA has been designated to carry out printing of the Electoral Rolls, it outsourced the entire printing project to NIFT through a clean bidding process conducted under PPRA (Public Procurement Regulatory Authority) rules. NIFT, after tough competition, got the contract of printing, binding and distributing Voters lists to the districts.

NIFT moved its entire printing facility to NADRA premises which was the key requirement of the project due to extreme confidentiality of the data. The project was designed to be conducted in three phases where the required number of sets of voters lists were to be printed. This was required for filtering and correction of voters lists during each phase.

NIFT successfully executed the project meeting all deadlines set by NADRA working day and night to produce the required number of voters lists in each phase as this national level project was in limelight during the last one year.

Phase wise number of printed pages that NIFT produced is as follows:

Phase 1:

Duration: July 2011 to September 2011

5.90 million pages

Phase 2:

Duration: February 2012

7.05 million pages

Phase 3:

Duration: July 2012

4.6 million pages

NIFT is confident that with its specialized equipment, skilled manpower and proven track record, it can provide printing outsourcing services to any Government or Financial sector easily.